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Re: Dual booting OSX and Debian on G3 beige

Chris Tillman <tillman@azstarnet.com> writes:

> > Running quik produces the following warning :
> > Warning: prior partition (entry 6) is bootable
> Ah hah. You have run quik before, when partition 6 was the root
> partition. 

Partition 6 has never been the root partition. Partition 6 is my MacOS
HFS partition with OSX installed on it.

> What's happening is what quik is warning you about when you run it. By
> default, quik finds the first bootable partition on a disk and tries
> to mount it as root, and find a kernel there, etc.

I don't see how it would be finding a Linux kernel there. I would
assume a Mach3 kernel, maybe, but it shouldn't even know how to mount
that partition because it is UFS.

> You have a boot block on partition 7 also, the quik.conf shows you
> had partition 7 mounted as root when you ran the Make Bootable
> step. One option for the short term, is to boot partition 7
> directly. To do that, you would change the boot device to be just
> the same, except at the end change @0:0 to @0:7 . For me at least,
> that forces it to ignore the boot blocks on partition 6.

I'll try that this evening when I get home.

> What's on partition 6? Can it be deleted and re-initialized? (It must
> be deleted and become free space before the boot block won't be recognized
> any more.)

Not really. I need the MacOS X environment. The dev work I am doing is
porting a FreeBSD app to Linux. It already runs on OSX.

> If you don't delete partition 6, you'll always get that warning. But
> if it works that way, you might not care.

What if I installed MacOSX behind Linux ? Would that help at all ? 

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