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Re: Stable kernel tree

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Nicolas Lopez wrote:

>   It works great on mine(iBook 2001.0, aka 500Mhz) except it occationally
> wakes up in a "bad mood" and starts making unplesant feedback noises.
> reloading dmasound_pmac get it to behave again.  This is on an older
> kernel(2.4.15-presomething) though.

I believe that Ben fixed some of those issues either before my work on the
driver or after I had started.  I insmod/rmmod the driver at least 15
times a day and haven't had the same issue on my TiBook2.

>   The other changes you described sound interesting. If you need a sucker,
> err, tester just point to to the source.

Rsync benh's tree (see penguinppc.org for more info on that if you don't
already know :-)  I believe that the changes will probably make it into
upstream 2.4.18 as well.


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