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Re: Ti PBG4, can't get PCMCIA working

>Is the devfs trouble specific to the 2.4.17pre2? -- I've had no
>problems with this before (2.4.5-pre5, 2.4.10-pre10, 2.4.14-ben0).
>Because I'll like it and I'need it for some kernel modules development...

It's more or less specific to 2.4.17pre2, but devfs have long been known
to have nasty bugs & security holes, use at your own risk ;)

I don't want to push too much for or against devfs as I quite like
the concept, but I've seen severe rants against it due to stability
and code quality concerns on the kernel list, and 2.4.17pre2 apparently
can cause random memory corruption. So for now, I'm disabling it from
my default .config, wait and see...


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