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Re: Booting into Linux on OldWorld Mac

On  15 Dec, this message from Michael Dartt echoed through cyberspace:
> # mount /dev/hda2 /mnt
> # chroot /mnt /bin/ash
> chroot: cannot execute /bin/ash: No such file or directory

You're looking at /bin/ash in your current root context. However, after
doing a chroot, your root context is now /mnt, so you are effectively
trying to execute /mnt/bin/ash, which doesn't seem to exist. If under
/mnt you have a new install, then that's normal: ash is not installed in
base system; it's only used on boot-floppies.

> # chroot /mnt /bin/sh
> sh-2.05a# quik
> Could not open /proc/cpuinfo!

Same problem here: you need the proc filesystem mounted on /mnt/proc,
not on /proc. That's why quik can't open /proc/cpuinfo.

> Thing is, the terminal opening text says I'm using ash, and an ls shows it 
> sitting right there in /bin, all nice and executable by everyone (whoami 
> returns "root", btw).  So, it looks like...

No, so far it doesn't look like anything. Go back to your shell /you can
also use /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh), mount proc onto /proc once in
the chroot shell, and try again running quik.

Then report back ;-)



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