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Re: Patches for laptop owners

>Try to implement that in user space please - you should be able to react
>to keyboard events via /dev/input/something, just have a small daemon
>disable the trackpad for a short period following a key event. This might
>require routing mouse events through another user space daemon like gpm
>that can easily be 'blanked' by the key events.
>Putting this in the kernel might annoy a lot of people (I prefer to have
>the option to move the mouse while pressing modifier keys or mouse
>emulation buttons, for instance).

Well, what Apple does in Darwin is to trigger a timer after a keypress
or release (that is a keyboard action) and to ignore a tapping state
change of the trackpad until this timer expires (typically a few
milliseconds). This avoids spurrious trackpad taps on those new
over-sized trackpads when typing on the keyboard. It could be easily
put in the kernel, but not before we have a way to simply configure
and turn it on/off, along with other trackpad features, via the
yet-not-written /proc/bus/adb interface ;)


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