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Re: Potato 2.2_rev4 cd iso not bootable?

On Wed, 12 Dec 2001, skatefraggle wrote:

> Should I download rev3 iso image or try something different. I read
> something like downloading the latest woody.
> But how would you burn a bootable Woody cd?

Yes, the rev 4 Potato PPC ISO is broken. The rev 3 ISO, on the other hand,
is bootable, so yes, you should be able to boot from it. I guess Woody CDs
can be generated, but you have to have an already-working system to do it
from. You could netboot it instead (with BOOTP/DHCP and a TFTP server)
from a Woody kernel and RAMdisk image - I have done this with an iMac
(just testing it).

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