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Re: pbg4 modem wakup

> > Yes, the modem needs time after the serial port has been opened, since
> > the modem is powered off as long as nobody has /dev/ttyS0 open. But
> > definitely, starting minicom on /dev/ttyS0 and just waiting for some
> > time (a few secs) should be OK; after that, the modem should respond to
> > the usual at commands (try atiX, where X=0...9).
> but my modem does not respond to any commands. Is there some way I could
> debug this? Should I see some kernel messages in the logs? I waited for at

Sure, just add a few printk() in macserial.c - there should be a
macserial_open or scc_open function in there that calls the appropriate
modem powerup function. If you're familiar with kernel timers, you can add
a timer there to block reads on the tty device while the modem is powering


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