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Re: pbg4 modem wakup

Am 28.12.2001 23:35 Uhr schrieb "P Prince" unter <princep@charter.net>:

> Hey,
> Also, check your kernel configuration.  The 1st run TiG4 does have a hardware
> modem.  Perhaps Mac serial support is required?  I don't think setserial is
> needed, but if it is, it certainly doesn't take standard x86 values.  My modem
> is on IRQ 53.
My modem is on IRQ 22 (as reported by setserial and on system startup) also
the macserial driver is loaded as a module from /etc/modules and reports an
"internal modem" on /dev/ttyS0 on startup. What are the correct interupt

- gaudenz

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