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Re: Problems with the mace driver and recent (2.4) kernels

On Sun, Dec 23, 2001 at 03:42:22AM -0200, Rogério Brito wrote:
> 	Dear people,
> 	Is there other people having problems with recent 2.4 kernels
> 	and the ethernet driver MACE?
> 	The behavior is a bit strange:
> 	Say I try to ping the pc from the mac. The mac (
> 	tries to contact the pc (, sending arp requests.
> 	The pc sees the requests and correctly sends the replies. The
> 	mac seems to ignore the replies (although I'm not exactly sure
> 	of this) and repeats the arp requests ad infinitum. If I
> 	interrupt ping, it tells that there was a 100% packet loss.
> 	At this point, after arp -n on the mac, the output shows that
> 	the HWaddress field is "(incomplete)", but the pc shows
> 	information about the mac:

I've seen this exact same behavior with the MACE driver on a Mac Quadra
840AV (an m68k-based machine, using kernel 2.2.19).  If I boot MacOS and
use MacTCP to change the machine's IP address before booting Linux,
somehow that gets the chip into a sane state.  The IP address I set in
the MacTCP control panel doesn't even have to be the same as the one
Linux uses.  I suspect some weird issue with initializing the hardware.

Sorry, I don't have any advice for you, but this might point to an
architecture-independent bug or misfeature in the MACE driver code.

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