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[Fwd: failed install : bf 3.0.17 ppc (powermac)]


I didn't get much answer in d-boot so I'm forwarding it here.

Any idea ?


[no CC, thanks]


I tried to install woody (bf 3.0.17) on a G4 this weekend.
harware : G4, 400Mhz, 1Go RAM, 2 ide harddrives

First try: using an USB floppy drive...
Doesn't seem to be supported. Might be nice if it were
written in the "woody install manual".

2nd try: network boot
hmmm, boot enet doesn't work, some google search + reading,
works with "boot enet:0" --> patch in "install manual" ?
It seems I didn't find the right image to load through
tftp (dhcp + tftp + logs + tcpdump everything was find)
but I keep getting a freeze in openboot during the tftp.
What image am I suppose to use?

3rd try: yaboot
Last just because I though a had only hfs+ partitions.
Did some reading in d-powerpc, and I didn't get a clear
picture about yaboot booting over hfs+. Is it supported
or not ?
first boot, got the installation prompt, boot and ...

copying OF device tree...done
Calling quiesce...
... the G4 is frozen (no response from the keyboard, the cdrom
stop). After some tests I gave a try with mem=512M and it works.
Seems to be a kernel bug here, but it might be nice if the solution
were documented.

>From there, the first stage installation went pretty fluently, no
logs on any tty. Reboot, but I wasn't able to log for the second
stage install (some pam message, doesn't say much).

Problems on the console during the boot:
S20modutils, depmod -a seg fault on appletalk.o (bunch of Bad symbol).

reboot, boot through yaboot, mount /dev/hdbwhatever /target, chroot
base-config, answer a bunch of question (no tasksel, no dselect)
seems ok, but at the end base-config keep telling me that one
package failed to install. Retry --> no. Leaving base-config give
me the following message on the console :
"hostname --fqdn gave non-zero exit code 11"

Now these are the logs in /var/log/installer.log (top to bottom)
(side note 1: what are you guys using to read that f*** file ??)
" base-config: line 42: 216 Seg fault apt-get clean"
 (yeah, apt-get seg fault on whatever parameter)
"Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///) at 
/usr/share/perl5/Debconf/Format/822.pm line 57"
I got that message all over the log almost after each menu of
After the ppp menu, I've the following line :
base-config: 40apt-setup exit with return code 139.

This is where I stand for so far ;-)
Following a mail in d-powerpc I also move /etc/inittab.real over 
/etc/inittab at some time yesterday.

Any clue what's going on ?? Is it just me or the installation is
completly broken ??

Last remark, I didn't find fsck on the rescue disk. Any reason ?



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