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Re: please test evolution 1.0

On Fri, 2001-12-14 at 14:15, Jack Howarth wrote:
> Hi,
>    Could folks please test the evolution 1.0 packages in
> incoming.debian.org and post a bug report if they find
> a failure to load libcamellocal.so? I have already filed
> a report and given the maintainer a tentative fix (libebex.a
> is not built with -fPIC and is being linked into sharedlibs).
> It would help if some others would let the maintainer know
> that others see this beside myself. I am already talking with
> the upstream maintainers and they are looking at using the
> -prefer-pic libtool option to solve this. However that fix may
> not be in evolution in time for the woody freeze and the current
> patch I sent will suffice since it works on all linux arches.
> Thanks in advance for helping to push this issue.
>                Jack

I don't have any problems with my version:

Package: evolution-ssl
Version: 1.0-1

Versions of packages evolution-ssl depends on:
ii  bonobo                        1.0.14-1   The GNOME Bonobo System.
ii  bonobo-conf                   0.14-1     The Bonobo Configuration
ii  gconf                         1.0.7-1    GNOME configuration
database syste
ii  gdk-imlib1                    1.9.11-3   Gdk-Imlib is an imaging
library fo
ii  gtkhtml                       1.0.0-1    HTML rendering/editing
library - b
ii  libart2               The Gnome canvas widget -
ii  libaudiofile0                 0.2.3-1    The Audiofile Library
ii  libbonobo-conf0               0.14-1     The Bonobo Configuration
System --
ii  libbonobo2                    1.0.14-1   The GNOME Bonobo library.
ii  libc6                         2.2.4-7    GNU C Library: Shared
libraries an
ii  libcamel-ssl0                 1.0-1      A generic Messaging Library
(SSL s
ii  libdb3                        3.2.9-14   Berkeley v3 Database
Libraries [ru
ii  libesd0                       0.2.23-2   Enlightened Sound Daemon -
ii  libfreetype6                  2.0.5-2    FreeType 2 font engine,
shared lib
ii  libgal18                      0.18.1-1   G App Libs (run time
ii  libgconf11                    1.0.7-1    GNOME configuration
database syste
ii  libgdk-pixbuf-gnome2          0.13.0-1   The GNOME GdkPixBuf
ii  libgdk-pixbuf2                0.13.0-1   The GdkPixBuf library.
ii  libglade-gnome0               0.17-2     Library to load .glade
files at ru
ii  libglade0                     0.17-2     Library to load .glade
files at ru
ii  libglib1.2                    1.2.10-3   The GLib library of C
ii  libgnome-pilot1               0.1.63-1   Support librares for
ii  libgnome-vfs0                 1.0.3-4    The GNOME virtual
file-system libr
ii  libgnome32            The Gnome libraries
ii  libgnomeprint15               0.32-4     The GNOME Print
ii  libgnomesupport0      The Gnome libraries
(Support libra
ii  libgnomeui32          The Gnome libraries (User
ii  libgtk1.2                     1.2.10-8   The GIMP Toolkit set of
widgets fo
ii  libgtkhtml20                  1.0.0-1    HTML rendering/editing
library - r
ii  libldap2                      2.0.14-1.1 OpenLDAP libraries.
ii  liboaf0                       0.6.7-2    The GNOME Object Activation
ii  liborbit0                     0.5.12-1   Libraries for ORBit - a
ii  libpisock4            Libraries for communicating
with a
ii  libpopt0                      1.6.2-5    lib for parsing cmdline
ii  libsasl7                      1.5.27-2   Authentication abstraction
ii  libwrap0                      7.6-9      Wietse Venema's TCP
wrappers libra
ii  libxml1                       1:1.8.16-1 GNOME XML library
ii  oaf                           0.6.7-2    The GNOME Object Activation
ii  xlibs                         4.1.0-11   X Window System client
ii  zlib1g                        1:1.1.3-18 compression library -

Could you be more precise as to what the problem is ?


/Bastien Nocera

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