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IGNORE PREVIOUSRe: Continued problems booting Debian on oldworld G3

Sorry to toppost, but please ignore my previous message, the
beginnings of which are described here. I have made (some) progress by
setenv boot-device ide/@0:0

I will post new problem in a separate thread.

Wayne Pascoe <wayne@penguinpowered.org.uk> writes:

> Chris Tillman <tillman@azstarnet.com> writes:
> > After an inspirational look at the boot-floppies todo list, I think I
> > found the answer. At
> > 
> > www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/models.html
> > 
> > there are comments about your machine, the main one being that you
> > need System Disk to update your broken firmware. I'll add this to the
> > docs somewhere.
> The saga continues :)
> I setup my machine as follows : Booted OS9 and ran the disk tools. I
> created a 2 gig linux partition, then a 1.8 gig Macintosh extended
> partition and a 3.7 gig Macintosh extended partition. I installed
> OS9.2 to the 1.8 gig partition labeled untitled 2.

-- snipped-

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