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Re: [SID] Keymap under X - solved for me

On 22 Nov 2001 09:05:44 +0100
thorsten_nicklaus@web.de wrote:

> Georg Koss <g.koss@eunet.at> writes:
> Hi all, 
> > I own two keyboards - the original one I got with my G4 in summer
> > 2000. The bottom line contains from left to right in the main-block:
> > 
> > <Ctrl> <alt> <apple> <space> <apple> <cursor-keys>
> on my Ibook 2 with german keyboard, I have a different bottomm line:
> <fn> <Ctrl> <alt> <apple> <space> <apple> <newline> <cursor-keys>

And finally here is the Pismo 2000 Firewire one :
<fn> <CTrl> <alt> <apple> <space> <newline (undefined)> <alt> <cursors>

At Console I am using the Apple USB Keymap. This works perfect.
the <alt> is AltGR and the <apple> is Alt. 
<alt> left and right generates the same keycode...

With the powerpcps2 cursors doesnt work and the <newline> is AltGR.
Some other AltGR + <KEY> Signs dont work :( So this keymap isnt usable, too.

What is the command to get keycodes in X11?
Perhaps I get this buggy keymap fixed ... ( if I will understand how xkb works ...
why cant it be so easy as it is with console keymaps... !?!? )

> I don't know how the newline is called, but I get a newline. :-) The
> german keyboard don't work under X. 

I also called it newline, but in generates nothing at the moment ...
... delete would be great? or wouldnt it?



> bye
> Thorsten
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