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Re: [PATCH] Minor changes to control/imstt/platinum/valkyrie/atyfb

Paul Mackerras wrote:
> Martin Costabel writes:
> > For the valkyriefb driver on my Pmac 6400, I can confirm from a first
> > short test that it still works. This is with your patch applied to
> > today's 2.4.17-pre1-ben0 kernel.
> Do you still have macos on the 6400?  If so can you confirm whether,

Yes, I still have MacOS 8.6. No 9.x, though.

> if you set the screen resolution and colour depth in macos, that the
> value you have set in macos is the default that linux will use?

I did some tests with the 2 useful modes of the 6400: 1024x768x8bit at
72Hz (vmode 15, cmode 8) and 800x600x16bit at 60Hz (vmode 10, cmode 16). 

The results, with or without Tom's patch, were the same as they always
The vmode of MacOS is used by the Linux console; the cmode 16 is not
recognized, so instead of vmode 10 16 one always gets vmode 10 8 as
default. The log says 

kernel: Monitor sense value = 0x62b, <6>using video mode 10 and color
mode 0 

I think I never saw this differently. For 16bit color, I always had to
either put video=valkyriefb:vmode:10,cmode:16 into the kernel args or
say vmode 10 16 at the console (and then startx -- -depth 15 to get the
right colors in X; -depth 16 gives weird colors).
P.S. Rebooting into MacOS (first time for almost a year) seems to have
cured the crashes I had yesterday, too. Weird.


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