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Re: Stable kernel tree

On Wed, 19 Dec 2001, Derrik Pates wrote:

> >From previous discussions, I can tell you that (at least the gen-1 TiBook,
> dunno about the gen-2) the TiBook has a Burgundy audio chipset, not
> Tumbler (what Apple calls Texas). The iBook2 is outfitted with the Tumbler
> chip, on the other hand.

:-) I meant the new TiBook :-)  If the iBook2 has tumbler as well, then
try rsync'ing today from Ben's tree.  It has a functional tumbler driver
that works quite well (I've been working on it so that Ben can concentrate
on other things :-P).  I'd be interested in hearing from iBook2 owners as
to how well it works on their hardware.

On my to-do list for the "Texas"/tumbler/TAS driver:
 * Enable DRC since the TiBook speakers are less than good
 * Enable control over input line 2 (is this connected?)
 * Play with the dual six-stage cascading biquad filtering to see how
   we can use it to our advantage (currently not implemented)
 * Fix balance control
 * Reorganise/rewrite most of the driver to make it easier to work with

I have filter settings for the TiBook2's built-in speakers, but need to
rewrite a large part of the driver anyway (otherwise, DRC usage won't be
reflected in mixer sliders, etc), so I'm holding off on enabling the
biquad filtering.

Already working bits include:
 * Volume control consistant now
 * Added bass/treble adjustments
 * PCM level (for wav/CD playing) is adjustable seperately from master

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