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Re: console help on ~, @, [, ]

Hi Dominic,

On Sat, 15 Dec 2001, Dominic Buchstaller wrote:

> I'm having a ibook2 for 3 days now - and everything seems to run pretty
> well so far.
> Beeing used to work on PC style hardware (keyboards) I am wondering how
> to produce (sometimes useful characters ;-) like ~, @, [, ] on my ibook2.
> Do I need some speacial keymap (I am using the standart qwertz German
> latin-nodead-keys one)?

How to get these characters depends on whether you're using X or
console: Xkb support for the iBook2 seems a bit broken. There's no working
ModeShift key that could let you produce these symbols. You could revert
to something like the GNOME "Character Picker" applet. If I ever find out
how to fix the keymap, I'll post to this list, but I guess others will be

On the text console, you can use the same keystrokes as in MacOS:
hold down the Option ("alt") key and press

...	to get	...

n		~
7		|
Shift-7		\
5		[
6		]
8		{
9		}
L		@  (that's the letter "L", without shift)

Hope that helps at least a bit,


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