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Nubus Powermacs' kernel patch

Hi guys,
  Downloading the debian potato installer kernel from
nubus-pmac.sourceforge.net seems to have worked great for my performa
6115.  But I have 2 small problems, the first being that none of
/dev/mouse /dev/input/mice /dev/input/mouse* seem to be my adb mouse.
The second, and the one I'm hopeing someone here might have insight on,
concerns kernel compilation.
  The same site has a patch for the 2.4.5 kernel which when applied
proports to make kernels for the nubus pmacs.  But make vmlinux doesn't
seem to be working, even with the recommended defaults for nubus pmacs.
What I mean is it does build a kernel but the kernel doesn't boot.  I
suspect an extra step may be necessary to prepare said kernel for
booting with either Apple's MkLinux loader or BootX.  Unfortunately I
can't guess the step, and the contact for the patch must be on vacation
or something...
  Any hints in the right direction would be appreciated.


PS i'm trying to par down the size a bit, and add in devfs support.  but
perhaps I can just go with the kernel that works if someone could give
me some direction as to how I could make a device node for the ADB mouse
which does seem to get detected at boot time.

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