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Re: [Fwd: failed install : bf 3.0.17 ppc (powermac)]

Chris Tillman wrote:
> >
> > First try: using an USB floppy drive...
> > Doesn't seem to be supported. Might be nice if it were
> > written in the "woody install manual".
> >
> Nobody's tried it before, AFAIK. I'm not too surprised, those floppies
> don't work very well even with MacOS, they have very special drivers.
> I've added a note to the manual.


> > 2nd try: network boot
> > hmmm, boot enet doesn't work, some google search + reading,
> > works with "boot enet:0" --> patch in "install manual" ?
> got that one too.


> > It seems I didn't find the right image to load through
> > tftp (dhcp + tftp + logs + tcpdump everything was find)
> > but I keep getting a freeze in openboot during the tftp.
> > What image am I suppose to use?
> linux from the powermac folder should be it

I'm pretty sure that's the one I used. I will give it another
try to night.

> > 3rd try: yaboot
> > Last just because I though a had only hfs+ partitions.
> > Did some reading in d-powerpc, and I didn't get a clear
> > picture about yaboot booting over hfs+. Is it supported
> > or not ?
> No, you can put your kernel on hfs+ but why would you want to... the
> kernel can't read it.

Hmmmm, I think my mac partitions are hfs+ and yaboot works. Hence my
I will check that tonight too.
> > ... the G4 is frozen (no response from the keyboard, the cdrom
> > stop). After some tests I gave a try with mem=512M and it works.
> > Seems to be a kernel bug here, but it might be nice if the solution
> > were documented.
> If you try it with append="video=ofonly" instead of mem=512M does it
> work also?

No, it freeze all the same.

> > seems ok, but at the end base-config keep telling me that one
> > package failed to install. Retry --> no. Leaving base-config give
> you don't mention which package.
Yep, because nothing give me the information and dpkg -l shows all
the package correctly installed.

> If someone shows interest you'll have to attach the whole log for it
> to make any sense.
I know. I will try another install tonight.  Expect some more feedback.

> > Last remark, I didn't find fsck on the rescue disk. Any reason ?
> e2fsck is there.
My mistake, I though we had fsck on the i386 root floppy. I just checked
and it is not. e2fsck is find with me.

Thanks for your answers.


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