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Re: Resetting dselect

On Dec 10, filipp wrote:

> After having switched the keymap on my Powermac 7300/133 (that's a
> 8500/150 CPU board), Potato release, I incidentally tapped a whole bunch
> of minus - signs in dselect.

For future reference, hitting 'r' at any package select screen will revert
all changes made.  The keystroke list available from the help menu has all
sorts of useful tips like this.

> So, is there a way to make dselect forget the stuff I had deselected and
> then rebuild the package database?

 * At the main package listing, type 'o' twice.  The order should now be
   "by availability" (check the header in the very top line).

 * Select the line that says "--- Up to date installed packages ---" and
   type a '+'.  This will re-select all packages in this section (that is,
   all currently installed packages.

 * Do the same for "--- Updated packages ---" if necessary.  Hit enter.

By the way, questions like this belong on debian-user, not debian-powerpc.

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