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AppleScript debian floppy maker script

A few months ago I put together a Debian floppy-maker script for usage
on powerpc. The script depends on the MacOS-provided Applescript
'shell' and the scriptable Disk Copy program. The point was made
before, that since these MacOS programs are not free (they come with
all MacOS distributions), a script depending on them would not be

I accepted that at the time, but I wonder, then, how we can distribute
setlang.bat. (Aside from the point that with Lang-Chooser, AFAIK
setlang.bat is obsolete.) Not to mention BootX and BootVars, which
depend on MacOS resources also, although not separate MacOS programs
like Disk Copy.

So my question is, could/should we include MakeDebianFloppy.sit in the
archive after all? The script itself is GPL. It really is pretty
convenient, it's almost as easy to use as dd :-) . 

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