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Re: modem and internet connexion pb, still

In fact, with pppd 2.4.1 (instead of pppd 2.3.11), it works on my PowerPC with Woody and internal modem.

I downloaded ppp-2.4.1.tar.gz (looking for "pppd 2.4.1" in google.com/linux), with my MacOS, and then copied it on Linux partition, and installed it from Linux there, and the connexion works.

So I use now pppconfig to configure, with PAP (my chat config file is only a link to the PAP config file),  pon and poff, and it's OK.

Thanks !

At 1:00 +0100 28-12-2001, lieven theys wrote:
>When I just installed debian on my ibook2 i couldn't
>get a ppp connection running.
>the solution for me whas to update pppd
>to 2.4.1

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