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Did anybody succed in installing bf-3.0.17 on a newworld ?


I'm still trying to install woody, using bf-3.0.17, on my
G4 (400Mhz) and it doesn't really work :-(

The first stage install (debootstrap) is going ok, but 
after the first reboot, the system seems to be in 
a pretty bad shape :

- S20modutils: line 11: 32 Segmentation fault depmod -a > /dev/null
- S30setserial 		: segfault too
- dhclient-script 	: idem
- pcmcia		: idem
- /usr/sbin/base-config: line 42: 220 Segmentation fault apt-get clean

I'm doing the install through the network and I did use 3 differents
mirrors (and 3 differents set of bf).

I also have my own build woody-cdrom, with bf-3.0.16 on it. And it
shows pretty the same symptoms...

Hence my question, did someone succed in the installation ??



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