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Re: 2.4.16-ben0 DVD block i/o breaks mouse, pmu

Jeffrey W. Baker wrote:

> When doing block i/o on the dvd drive (dd if=/dev/hdc of=/dev/null),
> the mouse moves randomly and the pmu reports spurious dead battery
> conditions.  During the dd, use of the trackpad causes random pointer
> motion.  The battery is intermittently reported at 2% or 3%, even when
> fully charged and plugged in.

I had a similar problem here. However, I was clued on IRC (credits go to
Michael Daenzer) and a fix to the problem seems to be to just enable DMA
and unmask IRQ via hdparm. This also works if one uses ide-scsi, just try
hdparm -d1 -u1 /dev/hdx. (Replace x by c and do not read the manpage of
hdparm, it is just too scary... :) ) So e.g. one can place the line
post-install ide-scsi hdparm -u1 -d1 /dev/hdx in /etc/modutils/foobar and


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