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Potato 2.2_rev4 cd iso not bootable?

Sorry for asking such newbie questions but going through the mail archive of list.debian-powerpc and from my own expierienc i got the impression that the rev4 iso doesn t boot on ( tried on g4 titanium, g4/466 and g4/800) new world machines
i get the following message:

Welcome to yaboot version 0.9
Wrong partion 1 signature
config files read 528 bytes
Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC(Potato)
boot: NULL
Loading kernel...
Wrong partion 1 signature
Image not found ...try again
Wrong partion 1 signature
WARNING: default_close called

Should I download rev3 iso image or try something different. I read something like downloading the latest woody.
But how would you burn a bootable Woody cd?

Thanks for any help.
Arnold Schwaighofer CS Student Austria Linz

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