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PowerBook G4 1 Firmware Update?


A few months ago I read an interesting thread about Firmware updates,
specifically concerning the of password protection. I've now been looking
around on apples website, starting with asu.info.apple.com which brought me to
an awfully slow http://www.info.apple.com/support/downloads.html and an even
slower knowledge base.. Set up my ID, though I can not find straightforward
information on firmware updates. A search after "powerbook firmware update"
brings up a list with various papers, though I can't see at all which update
is newest and which is thought for my TiBook1.

Am I right that 4.2.9 is the lastest, though it doesn't work on TiBook1, and
4.1.8 is the lastest for this model?

Do I have to update the firmware version by version or can I run the latest one
straight over the built-in version?

Would be very grateful if someone could enlight this topic a bit (even had
ages to find asu.info.apple.com at all, and then realizing that it doesn't
exists anymore..).

PS: What about Ethan Benson? He hasn't been writing a single word on this list for

Kind regards,

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