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Re: Using system disk

Chris Tillman <tillman@azstarnet.com> writes:

> > The problem I have here is that OSX doesn't seem to support my floppy
> > drive. It sure doesn't see disks when I insert them.
> Not good. They don't appear on the desktop?

Nope. Not at all. :(

> The only other idea I have is the Disk Tools disk I mentioned on the
> previous post. But that will require Disk Copy as well. Maybe if you
> start Disk Copy (which will definitely be on your MacOS CD if not
> installed already), it will be able to talk to the floppy regardless.

I tried that. Under one of the options on the menubar there was a burn
image option, but it appears to look for cdrw drives. It just said no
drives found that supported the burn operation.

I guess I'll have to rejig the partitions and install MacOS 9 on a
separate partition. This is all getting a bit tight as all bootable
partitions have to be within the first 8 gig on this old beast :(

This has certainly turned into more of a learning curve than I hoped
it would :(

- Wayne Pascoe
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