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Re: Unidentified subject!

Hi there

On 09-Dec-01, Norman Cohen wrote:

> I  try to install KDE  on potato 2.2 r4 by putting the following
> in my  sources.list:

> deb http://kde.tdyc.com potato main crypto
> then wvdial

Why not use one of the many debian srvers around the world?

> and then running

> #apt-get update
> #apt-get install task-kde
> however as my modem is slow I have to download a number of times and 
> hope the download will  be OK! I notice that /var/cache/apt/archives 
> shows a number of downloads. How do I proceed? I am a complete newbie 
> and would really appreciate help. Thanks Norman Cohen

What I do is apt-get update (if needed) 

apt-get install <package> -f -d
then when you have all the archives just do 

apt-get install <package>
works ok here.

-f = fix missing files/archives etc
-d = download only to save any nasty problems with dependancies.

Slowly learning what to do ;-)


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