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Re: iPod

On 21 Dec 2001, Jens Schmalzing wrote:

> Hi,
> Sven Luther writes:
> > Mmm, i had the impression that the ipod was already using two
> > partitions, and that you cannot use the partition for music in the
> > same way as the one for data, but then i might be wrong.
> On the contrary, I have heard rumors that the iPod uses a single
> partition and stores the music in a hidden folder on that partition.
> What does mac-fdisk say about this?

There's no reason to spread or believe rumors, when you can plug in the
iPod and find out directly.  The iPod has three partitions.  The first is
the apple partition map.  The second is the iPod's firmware, which is 32MB
long, mostly empty.  The third partition is the HFS+ partition where
iTunes and all the MP3s are stored.

The third partition is layed out like this:


The music is stored in each Fxx folder with it's regular file name.  I am
currently trying to discover how iTunes hashes the music into the folder


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