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pb1400cs XF86Config potato->woody

Hi all.

I've recently installed potato on this powerbook 1400, using the nubus 2.4.1 
kernel + installer.  X worked fine out of the box on this model.

There was general conflict raging between dselect, apt and tasksel and
the potato disks.  When I upgraded to woody yesterday a number of
packages were removed, including xdm and task-x-window-core.

I apt-got the missing bits today, but seem to have wiped out XF86Config
in the process. The original file that came with potato just worked. I 
don't seem to be able to recreate it with anXious and editing.

I wonder if someone could send me a working XF86Config file for this 
model of powerbook, either for potato with xfree86-3.whatever or for
woody. The driver is of course fbdev.



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