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Re: iBook2 touch pad mouse

I may be speaking too soon.....so forgive me, BUT, just invoking:

trackpad notap

Has caused the whole thing to behave very nicely. No more jitteryness and 
jumping around. I am going to be truely happy if this actually cures my 
iBook2's retched trackpad. Thank you very much.


On Thursday 06 December 2001 11:07, Josh Huber wrote:
> Daniel Lamblin <daniell@toves.net> writes:
> > In order to solve this I downloaded the trackpad 0.1.0 rpm for
> > yellow dog linux, and used alien to install it on my system.  Its
> > pretty minimal and there's probably a different way of getting the
> > same functionality these days (or else I expect it would be in the
> > debian package system),
> Indeed, it is:
> powerpc-utils: /sbin/trackpad
> Of course, I'm not sure if this is in potato, but who runs potato
> anyway? :)

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