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call for testers: new-powermac installer (yes, this means you!)

A while ago, it was decided that PowerPC, like most other
architectures, would use the 2.2 kernel.  However, this kernel simply
does not work on newer PowerMac hardware, and it is also less than
ideal even on older systems.

So I've been working on a "new-powermac" installer, which will use the
2.4 kernel.  Currently, I'm using benh's tree.  Please, please test
this installer!  I've done a few successful installs with it, and I've
gotten other success reports as well.  There are just two minor
problems, which I'll mention below.  But first:


The biggest problem that I haven't been able to figure out is that
"reboot" is a noop.  You'll need to reboot manually at the end with
Control-Command-Power.  The second problem is that you might see
strange characters while the base files are downloading; these can be
safely ignored.

Please let me (or debian-boot@lists.debian.org) know of any other
problems!  My modifications should make it into the mainline installer
after 3.0.18 is released.

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