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Strange network problem

I have a little home network, all of it with macs, and debian. I have them
all connected to a linksys cable-dsl router.

Everything works great, but I have a very strange problem, and I don't
know if it's hardware, software or what.

The problem is: I have a powerbook 300 (wallstreet PDQ I think it's
called. OldWorld) with debian running as the webserver(apache), and when I
connect to it with any other machine, both in debian (linux) or mac os,
more than half of the pictures show up broken, even though they are not.
If I hit reload enough times, the pictures finally shows up.

I think it might be a hardware problem, because I had SuSE installed on
that laptop running the webserver, and I switched to debian to see if it
would fix the problem, but it didn't.

With SuSE, not only the webserver was screwed up, but also the ftp (I
could only get 50 k/s with 200 k/s peaks), and with debian it goes
consistently over 800 k/s, so something was fixed, but the webserver
keeps doing funny things.

And the thing is that when I check the pages from the outside (from
work for example) everything is perfect, but when I check it from home,
it's not.

Any idea why this could be happening, or any idea on what kind of tests
could I run to see where the process is broken?

I tried the pages from 2 different computers (besides de server), and both
of them with debian and macos, and still the same problem.

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