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Re: Booting OSX after installing Debian and other buttons in X

On Tue, Dec 25, 2001 at 01:18:08PM -0500, Daniel Lamblin wrote:
> * Chris Tillman <toff@azstarnet.com> [011225 13:01]:
> > On Mon, Dec 24, 2001 at 11:12:33PM +0000, Wayne Pascoe wrote:
> It helps to know which machine you have.  With a machine with OFW 3
> having 9 around only to toy with the firmware... is not the greatest
> reason.  After all, unlike 1.0.5 you can by default get to an
> interactive OFW prompt without needing to set any variables through a
> program or the serial port... which means you can do a lot of OFW
> setting stuff without any OS.
> But surely you use OS9 for classic mode... at least sometimes.  Though
> probably like me you wish you didn't.
> > > After installing Debian, I can only boot OS9. Typing either bootr or
> > > bye at the Open Firmware prompt just boots OS9. I have tried using the
> > > OS9 startup disk tool to select the OSX system folder but it still
> > > boots OS9.
> Okay.... well that's just not right behavior.
> > > Is there any way that I can boot OSX now ?
> > There must be, but I'm not familiar with it. Perhaps holding the o key
> > at startup, IIRC, will bring up a graphical startup menu from which you
> > can select OSX.
> With the ibook2:
> I use the option key for this.  Though at one time yaboot hadn't set up
> the 800k boot partition for linux quite right and that caused the
> graphical menu to crash rather than show the 3 icons for OSX linux and
> OS9.  Using a more current yaboot seemed to help a bunch.

Option, not o.

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