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Re: [PATCH] Minor changes to control/imstt/platinum/valkyrie/atyfb

Tom Rini wrote:
> Hello all.  The following patches make slight changes to the vmode/cmode
> logic on a few fb drivers.  Now everone consistantly only tries to get
> these modes from nvram if CONFIG_NVRAM is defined (otherwise a
> compile-time error on everyone but atyfb).  On imsttfb I made the logic
> only executed on CONFIG_ALL_PPC, and removed USE_NV_MODES (which
> shouldn't be needed now).  However, I have none of this hardware, and I
> remember some of these drivers being very touchy.  So could people with
> this hardware apply the patch and let me know if it works still?

For the valkyriefb driver on my Pmac 6400, I can confirm from a first
short test that it still works. This is with your patch applied to
today's 2.4.17-pre1-ben0 kernel. 

I am not testing it very extensively, because this kernel crashes on me
as soon as pppd is started. Yesterday's 2.4.16-ben0 crashed when running
ping. Even on my iBook, the 2.4.16 gave me an "illegal lseek" when
trying to run ping (the 2.4.17-pre1 seems to work OK on the iBook).
Since the 6400 is serving as an adsl router, I prefer to go back to the
stable 2.4.0-pmac kernel from last January. 


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