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Hello, and a utter-newbie question...

I purchased a PowerMAC 5500/225. Got it cheap, and figured I would have some fun with MacOS. Well, after the first time that MacOS 'sang' an error to me, I decided to consign it (the os, not the hardware!) to the dustbin, and install Linux.

Of course, I have NO experience with Linux.

From my understanding (I am going over any PPC documentation I can find,
mostly at Netbsd.org, Linuxppc.org, and here at Debian), there is more to it then simply popping in a CD and conducting my install from there. I have a vague understanding (I think) of Open Firmware, etc.

The questions: (finally!)

A) My main concern/question: Do I need, in any way, shape, or form, MacOS? I have 9.1 installed, but no installation CD for it. I would just as soon get rid of it, completely, but all the documents I read so far seem to indicate that a MacOS partition is neccesary?

Expect more simpleton questions from me ;)

Thanks in advance,
Bob Balog

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