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Re: PowerPC boot images


>>> Shaun Kruger <shaun@linuxhost.cc> 03.12.2001  04.36 Uhr >>>
> I have been trying to get woody to boot on my RS/6000 43P.  The default
> ISO for potato seemed to work except for one of the SCSI drivers.  I found
> that using SYM53C8xx driver instead of the NCR53C8xx driver cleared up
> this problem.  The latter of the two got stuck in an infinite
> init->abort->init... loop.  Having built my own 2.4 kernel for use on my
> system I am now only having trouble getting it to load the initial

Can you send me your kernel image? I have been trying to boot my RS/6000 E20 with Debian, but had no success -- just because of the SCSI drivers. I would like to try your kernel. Maybe I can even help you with your problem then :-).


PS: Is it possible to build a linux kernel under AIX (with gcc)? Is there a howto on setting up a cross-compiling environment under Debian GNU/Linux?

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