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Re: Beige G3 and USB Mouse

> I continue to assert that gpm is a waste of time for anyone who wants to
> use X.  No one appears to want to deal with gpm at the Debian package
> level.  It's maintainer certainly doesn't; he's looking to orphan it.

What's the problem with gpm and X both opening /dev/input/mice? I thought
/dev/input/mice supports multiple opens, at least I had it working at some
time ...

In case it really doesn't work that way, use /dev/input/mice for gpm and
set X to use /dev/input/mouse[0-n] as separate pointers, all receiving
core events. I have to agree with Branden that this is too sick to use as
default in the package :-) Better fix the inputdev layer to feed multiple
clients properly.


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