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Re: Dual booting OSX and Debian on G3 beige

On Wed, Dec 05, 2001 at 11:31:46AM +0000, Wayne Pascoe wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is a repost of a saga that I am currently looking for help on
> uk.comp.os.linux. Apologies to anyone who has already seen this.
> The machine in question is a beige G3 oldworld machine. I have OSX
> installed and I then did this :
> I downloaded the first 2 disks for woody and did an FTP base install
> of that. Woody's installation appears to be more advanced that
> potato's when it comes to quik.

Yes, potato didn't really work at all. There were some quik and dirty
patches made for woody.

> It changed the boot-command and boot-device in my open firmware for
> me. However, a reboot just got a message scrolling saying
> can't OPEN:  can't OPEN: 
> I now have the following in /etc/quik.conf
> init-message="Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC (woody)"
> default=Linux
> timeout=100
> root=/dev/hda7
> ## Do not point image= to a symlink, quik can't follow symlinks
> image=/boot/vmlinux-2.2.19-pmac
>         label=Linux
>         read-only
> /boot/vmlinux-2.2.19-pmac does exist. 
> Running quik produces the following warning :
> Warning: prior partition (entry 6) is bootable

Ah hah. You have run quik before, when partition 6 was the root

> Rebooting the system with the boot-device and boot-command set to what
> debian set them to at install time 
> (boot-device /pci/mac-io/ide@20000/ata-disk@0:0, boot-command 
> begin ['] boot catch 1000 ms cr again boot)
> produces:
> 0> can't OPEN:
>  ok
> 0>
> If anyone can help I would _much_ appreciate it. I can't help but feel
> I'm close. I have both OS's on the machine, I just can't boot debian
> :( If anyone knows of somewhere else I could ask this question, I
> would appreciate that information as well!

What's happening is what quik is warning you about when you run it. By
default, quik finds the first bootable partition on a disk and tries
to mount it as root, and find a kernel there, etc.

You have a boot block on partition 7 also, the quik.conf shows you had
partition 7 mounted as root when you ran the Make Bootable step. One
option for the short term, is to boot partition 7 directly. To do
that, you would change the boot device to be just the same, except at
the end change @0:0 to @0:7 . For me at least, that forces it to
ignore the boot blocks on partition 6.

What's on partition 6? Can it be deleted and re-initialized? (It must
be deleted and become free space before the boot block won't be recognized
any more.)

If you don't delete partition 6, you'll always get that warning. But
if it works that way, you might not care.

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