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Re: 2.4.x kernel crashing

> That machine has a Mach64 chip, right? 
I forgot to include an important detail: I'm actually running with a Voodoo3 
> if before
> running X, you set the VT X runs on to the same depth (using fbset) you
> have configured in X. You'll have to find out yourself.
I guess I've got more reading to do! I'll have to figure this part out. 

> If that was the only problem... when you're in xmon, bad things have
> happened and everything is interrupted. Only when you exit xmon (by
> entering 'x') does the system continue to run. So there is no filesystem
> access in xmon.
Typing 'x' could be bad anyway, since the whole system is down. At least it 
would allow for an orderly shutdown? 

I've got another question related to this: could it be a hardware failure on 
my computer's part somewhere? The kind of failure that a 2.4 kernel would 
see, where a 2.2. kernel wouldn't?

Thanks for the help!


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