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installing debian on ppc

I'm trying to install Debian on a PPC 8500/150, 96 Mb, 2 Gb HD for
Webserving and Mailserving purposes. I downloaded CD1 for PowerPC, wrote
it to a bootable disk (which is bootable on a G4 with Yaboot, but not on
the 8500), made a boot floppy and a root.bin floppy, made partitions
according the example in the manual: a 500 mb other system (MacOS 8.1, but
not installed yet), a 32 Mb Swap and the rest as a Linux partition.
After booting the system on the floppies I get the Installation Main Menu
(text oriented), but CD1 doesn't mount and I don't get any further.

Who can help me with detailed instructions?



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