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Re: post install lib woes...

I would like to help (while taking a break away from my GameCube) but I
really need to know more than: "it just doesn't plain work."

Do you have dependency problems when running an apt-get dist-upgrade? Does
your machine get kernel panics? All these issues can be visualize in the
logs files and dmesg. Please send more info if you need assistance. It will
not only help people on the list to figure out things, it will also greatly
increase your ability to track down and resolve current and future issues.
The idea here is to help yourself if you want others to help you.



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From: "Richard D'Addio" <rdaddio@CrescentNetworks.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 26, 2001 10:22 AM
Subject: post install lib woes...

> continuing to have woody post-install woes with libs. either not found
> or configed leading to seg. faults and other related fun such as dpkg
> and dselect failures.
> note: G4 NW
> any hints would be appreciated.
> rich d
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