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XF86Config and XF68_FBDev server


I run Debian 2.2r3 on a Powermac 6400/180 with an
extra ATI XCLAIM 3D Plus (3D Rage LT Pro chipset, I
think). After install and little config, I was able to
run X in 832x624 or higher and 16 bpp. Great!
I was so happy I decided (who knows why) I didn't
needed MacOS anymore, so I installed the potato again,
without any HFS partitions, using quik as bootloader.
Linux seems to boot without problems (with the correct
OF settings), but X won't start anymore, or if it
starts, all I get is a blank screen.

I tried various settings, (Gnome and WMaker):
- without any settings, or when the "Modes" Subsection
of the "Screen" section is "default", xserver starts,
but all blank. 

I get some text displayed ('Main' on the upper left, I
think that's from wmaker), but I can't see the icons

- adding "video=atyfb:vmode:13,cmode:16" to boot-file,
running fbset (which returns a 832x624 Mode which
seems to be correct, ie the frequencies are close to
the one in my Monitor's (Apple 15 Multiple Scan, by
the way) handbook ),
pasting the result in my XF86Config file
delete all other modes but this one and update the
"Screen" section to use this mode (Default Color Depth
16 and Modes "832x624")

xserver doesn't want to start, saying it can't find
any valid modes (??)

Anyhone having an idea ?

Unfortunatly, my box isn't connected, so I can't join
my XF86Config file or the fbset output - but I could
put them on floppy and send it later.
That's also a reason for me _not_ upgrading to 4.0.x

PS : I went through the docs on xfree86.org, and saw
info about a Mach_64 server and others - I suppose it
doesn't exists on powerpc's

PPS : tried to run anXious, it says it can't find a
driver for my card - isn't atyfb the appropriate
driver ??

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