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Re: Booting OSX after installing Debian and other buttons in X

On Mon, Dec 24, 2001 at 11:12:33PM +0000, Wayne Pascoe wrote:
> Hi all,
> Two questions... Firstly, I have a machine with OS9, OSX and Debian on
> it. The reason for OS9's existance is to run tools to interact with
> firmware such as System Disk.
> After installing Debian, I can only boot OS9. Typing either bootr or
> bye at the Open Firmware prompt just boots OS9. I have tried using the
> OS9 startup disk tool to select the OSX system folder but it still
> boots OS9.
> At first I thought that this was because the last OS I booted was 9,
> so I did a re-install and made sure that the machine was booting
> osX. I then installed Debian. Now I have the same behaviour.
> Is there any way that I can boot OSX now ?

There must be, but I'm not familiar with it. Perhaps holding the o key
at startup, IIRC, will bring up a graphical startup menu from which you
can select OSX.

> Secondly, I only seem able to use 1 mouse button. I've tried
> ctrl-button, apple-button and option-button. What do I need to
> simulate second and third buttons in X ?

Here's my sysctl.conf:

# /etc/sysctl.conf - Configuration file for setting system variables
# See sysctl.conf (5) for information.
#kernel.domainname = example.com

# 3-button mouse emulation 
# turn on emulation
/dev/mac_hid/mouse_button_emulation = 1
# Send middle mouse button signal with the F11 key
/dev/mac_hid/mouse_button2_keycode = 87
# Send right mouse button signal with the F12 key
/dev/mac_hid/mouse_button3_keycode = 88

It works rather well, actually (this is a standard solution, not
mine). I roll the mouse over something I want to click on with one
hand, and use the other hand to hold the F12 key (for
right-click). Then scroll the mouse down the menu and release the key.

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