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Re: Continued problems booting Debian on oldworld G3

On Sat, Dec 08, 2001 at 11:00:43AM +0000, Wayne Pascoe wrote:
> Hi all,
> I followed some of the advice that I received here about moving the
> partition I was trying to boot with quik to in front of the macosX
> partition. This still failed.
> I have now abandoned the idea of dual booting for the moment and am
> just trying to boot debian on this beast. 
> I booted off of the woody disks, and at partition time, hit i and
> reinitialised the disk. This means that I now have only the apple
> partition map, an ext2 partition of 2000M and a swap partition of
> 128M. 
> I went through the install process, made the system bootable and
> rebooted. I still get the white screen with the scrolling
> can't OPEN:  can't OPEN:
> So now this is no longer a dual boot issue, but just a how do I boot
> debian :(
> Any advice on what else could be wrong would be much appreciated.

After an inspirational look at the boot-floppies todo list, I think I
found the answer. At


there are comments about your machine, the main one being that you
need System Disk to update your broken firmware. I'll add this to the
docs somewhere.

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