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Re: RS/6000 43P-140 install

Am Mittwoch den, 5. Dezember 2001, um 09:48, schrieb Benny Siegert:
2.4 kernel. Do not even _try_ to use a 2.2 kernel with a RS/6000.

It depends on the processor type. I've had a SuSE 6.x (kernel 2.2)
running on a RS/6000 B50 (PPC 604r) for a year (now Debian potato,
kernel 2.4).
Have both of you taken a look at
http://adequat.c2a.fr/linux/howtos/rs6000 ?
The installation process doesn't exactly work as it's described
there, but it can be done. Perhaps it works better with woody
and you don't have to install manually. Also skip the part about
patching the bootloader. Just use an up to date version of yaboot.


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