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RE: OS 10.1 upgrade CD

     The amount of grief you'll get from upgrading MacOS X 10.0.4 to 10.1
depends on where your linux partitions are located. If you are sharing
a drive already between linux and MacOS X you'll be okay. However if like
me you have a separate linux only drive, 10.1 will cause you major grief.
To keep MacOS X 10.1 from asking to format the linux drive constantly you
need a full set of MacOS  driver partitions on the linux drive as well
as a mountable Apple_HFS partition. This is in addition to any Apple_Bootstrap
partitions you have.
      If you don't have MacOS driver partitions left on your linux only
drive (as I did since I deleted them) you will have to jump through some
hoops to get them back on it.                                  

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