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Continued problems booting Debian on oldworld G3

Hi all,

I followed some of the advice that I received here about moving the
partition I was trying to boot with quik to in front of the macosX
partition. This still failed.

I have now abandoned the idea of dual booting for the moment and am
just trying to boot debian on this beast. 

I booted off of the woody disks, and at partition time, hit i and
reinitialised the disk. This means that I now have only the apple
partition map, an ext2 partition of 2000M and a swap partition of

I went through the install process, made the system bootable and
rebooted. I still get the white screen with the scrolling
can't OPEN:  can't OPEN:

So now this is no longer a dual boot issue, but just a how do I boot
debian :(

Any advice on what else could be wrong would be much appreciated.

- Wayne Pascoe
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