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Re: PowerBook G4 1 Firmware Update?


Thanks alot you for all your answers!

[ snip ]

>> Am I right that 4.2.9 is the lastest, though it doesn't work on TiBook1,
>> and 4.1.8 is the lastest for this model?
>> Do I have to update the firmware version by version or can I run the latest
>> one straight over the built-in version?
>> Would be very grateful if someone could enlight this topic a bit (even had
>> ages to find asu.info.apple.com at all, and then realizing that it doesn't
>> exists anymore..).
> Search the list archives for firmware update. There was some problems
> caused by applying them, IIRC on iBooks. My own experience is I didn't
> have a problem applying 4.1.8 on my iMac.

Hmm, there has been one thread mentioning some problems, though it seems to
have only been related to early 2.4.x kernels.

> I haven't looked, but I suspect 4.2.x is for newer models. You can
> just download it and try it, it won't run on an inapplicable model.
> You have to run it and then hold in the reset switch when starting up
> to actually get it applied, it tells you it's not applicable during
> stage 1.

Yes, that's what I have read so far in the accompanying doc (on the apple
website, I haven't downloaded the .bin yet). Hmm, so you think I should just try and if
it doesn't work, download an ealder version. ok.

>> PS: What about Ethan Benson? He hasn't been writing a single word on this
>> list for months?
> Well he decided to spend his time elsewhere after getting all upset
> about the way a bug was being handled and inappropriately lashing out
> with personal attacks.
> I believe he's still maintaining yaboot & company.

hmm, ok, I stop asking questions about him..

Chris T.: But, you are maintaining the
yaboot docs, you should know something about Ethan maybe.. ;)

Chris T.: PS: I think you have done a very good job regarding the installation section
on the port pages!! Congratulations!

Best regards,

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