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Re: Woody base disks?

Michael Dartt <mad96@hampshire.edu> writes:

> Ah.  I have these, and I've used them all (root, rescue, drivers-1,
> drivers- 2).  I'm stalled at the point in installation when it asks
> to install the base system.

I'm sorry.  I misunderstood you.  The way to install the base system
without using HTTP over the 'net is to use the (currently
undocumented) method of basedebs.tgz.  This file basically just
contains all the .debs that the installer would download itself.
Since the installer is still in flux, and the basedebs.tgz changes
every time the base system does, we aren't distributing it on mirrors

When did you make those floppy disks you used to install?  I have a
basedebs.tgz from Nov 20, and I am in the process of making a more
recent snapshot.

We will very soon start distributing this file from mirrors, but until
then I've put the two basedebs.tgz images here:


Take your pick of whichever is closer to the date at which you made
the disks, rename it to basedebs.tgz, then give it to the installer
(either via NFS, local disk, serving it over HTTP on a local network,
or splitting it into floppy images).

Good luck!

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