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Re: pmud on sourceforge.net.

>>>>> "SL" == Stephan Leemburg <sleemburg@jvc.nl> writes:

 SL> I have just sourceforged pmud. Due to a nameclash it's on <http://sourceforge.net/projects/apmud/>

excellent, If you could, you may want to add (of course I have no idea
how to do this) sections:
 - patch 
 - contrib, it would be nice if people could contribute the local
   pwrctl scripts.
 - docs, so people (benh) could drop links to any docs (you) they
   might have on the topic.

 SL> I will be including them soon and if anyone want's to
 SL> have commit-rights on the tree, then just tell me. As I said earlier, I
 SL> will be liberal in this.

me please, User jimix on sourceforge

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